Mom Tiger Will Finally Lose Her Shit on New Episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

If you’ve ever sat and watched Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood with your kid, and thought to yourself, There’s no way Mom Tiger is always that calm and collected!, you’ll soon be rejoicing.

After receiving more than a few complaints from moms everywhere, the creator behind the popular kids’ show, told the writers to produce a more realistic episode.

“Parents wrote in demanding to see a truer reflection of themselves; a flawed parent who sometimes makes mistakes and loses his/her temper,” the executive producer explained. “No parent is perfect, and just as all kids can push those imperfect parents to the edge, four-year-old Daniel would logically be doing the same to his mom and dad. I want a show to depict that, instead of everything being sunshine and roses, ending with hugs, kisses, and a kumbaya type song. In reality, some families conclude their day with the theme song “Crazy Train” playing and I wanted that to be seen.”

Before it airs next month, we received a synopsis for the show, which will be titled, “Daniel Won’t Stay in Bed”.

The episode will begin with a similar sequence of events to a previous one, with Daniel going to bed, singing, close to 500 times, the order of steps he has to take in the bedtime routine. After the story and song, Mom and Dad Tiger give Daniel a kiss, walk out, and exchange excited looks. (In a normal plot for the show, that’s when Daniel would sleepily say, “Ugga Mugga”, and everything would be nicely wrapped up with sweet song, from the pantless cub, about good feelings.) Not so with this one.

After Mom and Dad walk away, expressions of success on their faces, Daniel’s door slowly opens.

He creeps into the living room, where his parents just started to get comfortable, and asks for water. Dad Tiger takes him back. He returns to ask for a different blanket. Mom Tiger gets it. He then yells from his bedroom that he can’t find Tigey, his favorite stuffed animal. Mom Tiger finds it. Daniel follows that, by crying to Dad Tiger about seeing a monster on the wall. Dad explains shadows, and the two share a short chuckle, before using the potty one more time. Meanwhile, back in the living room, Mom Tiger is sipping on “water”, looking irritated. The patience is gone. She’s about to snap if he makes another demand….

Which he does.

Mom slams her “water” down on the table and stomps loudly into Daniel’s room. “YOU’RE SUPPOSE TO BE SLEEPING!!” She shouts at him. “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! You’ve had your water! You’ve peed again! You have Tigey! NOW GO TO SLEEP!!!!! I NEED SOME TIME ALONE AND YOU’RE CUTTING INTO THAT!!!!” A few, deep breaths are taken before she says, with a controlled calmness, “Now…I.Love.You.Stay.In.Bed.And.I’ll.See.You.In.The.Morning.” When she walks back into the other room, she says to Dad Tiger, “If your kid gets out of bed again, please deal with it, before the last shred of sanity, I have left, is gone!”

The cartoon ends with a little jingle from Dad:

If you don’t want your parents to go cray,

At bedtime, in your bed, is where you should stay!

The “perfect” parents, who are usually quick to judge and scorn others, when mistakes and tragedies occur, are already criticizing the soon-to-air episode. “I would never lose my temper and yell at my kid,” one mother confessed. “Even if my angel took an hour to get to sleep, and I wasn’t able to watch the newest Bachelorette, I’d still have a smile on my face. We only have this short window with our snowflakes. No, I won’t be watching this one and will be forming a petition soon. New moms and dads should only watch the shows where Mom and Dad Tiger keep it together the entire time. When you know better, you do better.”

The majority of parents are excited, however, and that’s good enough for the show’s creator. He’s already reported that if this does well, another, in the works right now, will be on, titled, “Daniel Asks to Eat Pasta, Then Proclaims He Hates it, and Throws His Plate.” Stay tuned!





68 thoughts on “Mom Tiger Will Finally Lose Her Shit on New Episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

  1. I actually don’t mind her constant calm collected personality. I’ve always felt that she was setting the example for me on how parents should react, just as Daniel should be setting the example on how I hope my kids will learn to behave.
    I lose my cool A LOT! And it helps to be reminded of other ways to handle being frustrated.

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  2. My daughter has learned so many great songs and things about using the bathroom. Also she is using most of the songs when doing her daily routine. It is a great learning show and if this is what is going to be shown I will not allow my daughter to watch it. I feel this will teach her that screaming or raising your voice is ok and it is not. It is a great education show please don’t ruin it.


    • Okay, it’s fake but seriously? Daniel teaches them first and foremost how to whine. My grandson won’t watch it anymore because it’s so stinking sappy. I’d love, LOVE to see some closer to reality episodes. Many times I’ve thought not only does Daniel need an ass whoopin, but I bet Mom Tiger is a drinker.

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      • I couldn’t agree with you more!!! I don’t let me kids watch it anymore because all he does is whine and show kids to whine.


    • HAHAHA! Totally just satire (a joke)!! I’m sarcastic, sometimes, as a writer! I was making fun of the parents out there who act as if they’re perfect! πŸ˜† (Hoping for an episode like this too, however! LOL!) We also watch it on the daily!


  3. The timing is right on as just this morning I thought “wow she never loses it” and in this episode Daniel was pretty annoying!

    Hilarious. Thank you for the laugh! It really is suspect though that she can happily sing a preschooler through life lessons w a newborn on her hip.

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  4. Seriously the funniest thing I have read all week!! I died at your entire episode. It’s about time, Mom Tiger! πŸ˜‰


  5. This just made my night, as my 2.5 year old finally stayed in his bed and fell asleep after an hour of trying! πŸ˜‚ Time for some “water”.


  6. Glad it’s a joke – even though no one on that show “kvetches” except Daniel. My pet peeve is everyone wears bottoms (pants, skirts) except Daniel and dad. But they wear pjs and snow suits and bathing suits. How does dad wear no pants to work or at home? Or Daniel? I know they’re animals, but mom does! Just a little grandma musing… I love the show!


    • It must be a grandma thing. I totally said the same thing to my daughter (Daniel is a forever show at her house, so I get to watch it whenever I chill with the chillins) and she just said, “Well, in all fairness, mom, you’re talking about animals. They shouldn’t be wearing ANY clothes.”


  7. Love the article but the number of syllables in the lines of the jingle don’t match πŸ™‚ It should be

    “If you don’t want your parents to go cray-cray,
    At bedtime, in your bed, is where you should stay!”


  8. I am so buying this when it comes to DVD. I go crazy a lot as single Mom. I don’t get to turn to someone often. I hope they make one where Daniel wakes up at 3 A. M, and he wants to start his day already. I honestly can’t see both his Mom, and dad being full of energy with a baby, and Daniel. Just my thoughts though.


  9. As a new parent are preschool teacher, I’ve heard lots about the show and now watch it with my 9mo old. I love what you wrote and I can totally relate! Hilarious! Love reading stuff like this πŸ™‚


  10. Yes! Daniel is annoying! Caillou is worse, though. I often want to throw stuff at the tv when Caillou is on. He’s an absolute brat.


  11. You know what I want to see? Daniel watching TV. I feel so guilty when I put my girls in front of the TV and Mom Tiger never uses it as a babysitter (like the rest of us…)


  12. Haha! Omg I was so hoping this was for real. Parents take themselves way too seriously. Everyone loses it sometimes. It’s ok to teach our kids that people get angry and snap, as long as we can come back after and talk about what happened. If you are never losing it with your kids, you are not doing them any favors. That’s not the real world and you only show them that they should suppress their emotions, and that it is not ok to express anger.


  13. The creator is actually a woman not a man. With so few woman show creators, I think it’s worth noting. Not trying to be snarky. πŸ™‚


  14. It’s the fact that she never changes her shirt, not that she doesn’t lose her sh** that gets to me! I also love her calmness, a good role model for us all.


  15. All I want is for mom Tiger to have a name! Every time I watch the episode where she walks home from the hospital after birth (like a boss) I end up searching online. She doesn’t have one. I think she seems like a Sharon. #momsarepeopletoo


  16. I’ve never seen Daniel tiger. I get positive role modeling, but I completely get how a parent can snap. I also think there is something to say about mentoring that, too.


  17. I let my 2 year old watch Daniel as a role model and do not believe this is a correct direction for the show to moe towards. If this is broadcast ed we will not watch and if it continue we will find a more appropriate show to watch!


  18. Awe just go and burst my bubble in the comments 😝, and I was so happy because this is very true about Daniel Tiger. Although, Mom Tiger is showing us mom’s how to be better parents but we all do break down and lose it sometimes, don’t we? Wouldn’t it be so nice to see her be all little more realistic, but then again it is the Neighborhood of Make-believe! πŸ˜‰


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  21. I NEED this to be real! Of course, with a resolution where mom tiger explains to Daniel about her feelings, losing ones temper, blah, blah, etc, etc.

    I agree with many that Daniel whines a lot but the one that kills me is the “if you can’t get what you wa-ant, stomp three times and help yourself feel better” episode. In our household, and in my classroom, if you stomp your feet when you don’t get your way, that’s a temper tantrum and you will receive immediate consequences!!! I wish they’d remove all traces of that episode.


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